Receiving money from a customer for multiple sales invoices

Receipts for multiple sales invoices

When receiving money from a customer for multiple sales invoices, leave the Invoice dropdown field blank. Manager will allocate the receipt against the sales invoice with a balance due with the oldest due date first, then the next oldest, etc. However, if the receipt is designated for specific sales invoices, add lines and designate amounts for those invoices individually.

why ?? amounts for those invoices individually.**

Because you might want to cherry pick what invoices get paid. For example suppose you have a customer for which you have multiple agreements/projects and you don’t want to create multiple receivable accounts.

Now according to the terms of each agreement you might want to apply your receipts according to those terms as opposed to the default allocation method.

A simpler example is that the customer refuses to pay a single invoice and you want to show that invoice as unpaid in order to correctly accrue interest according to what’s been agreed.

There are lots of reasons why you wouldn’t want to apply receipts in order of issue date and Manager enables you to do just that.

Why system not importing full information after selecting the invoice ? why i should write the amount manually ?

That’s by design for two reasons:

  • So Manager doesn’t make wrong suggestions in case of partial payments, and
  • in order to enhance the performance since its much faster this way.

But don’t fret yet, there’s a solution.

  1. Go to Reports > Customer Statement (Unpaid Invoices) and then view the statement of that customer.

  2. Then click on Copy to and select new receipt.

  3. From there you will get a prefilled receipt and you can delete lines for invoices that were not paid.

Try it, it’s much faster this way.

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Okay, many thanks