Create cash invoice

how i can create a cash invoice for a customers??

There is no such thing as a cash invoice

Either you sell on credit, so create an invoice and record the payment later

For a cash sale there is no need for an invoice, just record the receipt of the payment

If you still want an invoice for a cash sale then you will have to enter a Sale invoice AND a cash receipt

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thank you for your answering, but in amazing sys like this it should be an cash invoice option epically for entities which deals with one time customers.

An invoice is used when you sell something to a customer but do not get paid till later.

If you receive payment at the time of sale, there is no need to create an invoice, just enter the sale details in the cash receipt transaction.

Why do you need an invoice?

If you are new to manager, please read the guides so that you understand the philosophy behind the software.

You can always setup test businesses to try out different ways of doing transactions

You are forgetting registered business customers who pick up a product in the store and need an invoice to reclaim the VAT.

You could edit the Cash Receipt form and change the Title to Cash Invoice/Receipt and give them that?

I have just created a cash sales customer account, I then record payments through a receipt as soon as customer hands over money.

but in this case it will not consider as sales.

Why not? You sold something, issued a receipt. The sales amount would go to some revenue account and this will also show as an increase in you Cash account (I hope that you set up a cash account, see Set up a cash account | Manager ). Somehow this is very basic and I would suggest that you create a test business and find under Guides | Manager those areas that would help you to get things done.

A Tax Receipt that meets the invoicing requirement is a valid tax documents that can be used to reclaim tax.

Back to the original post. This issue can easily be solved in Manager in multiple ways but I will give two off the top of my head:

  1. Do a regular invoice → Click on New Receipt → Click on Update and you should be good to go.
  2. If you don’t like the couple of extra steps then simply create a sales receipt → check Custom Title → Type in “Cash Invoice” or “Cash Memo” or whatever.

You can even skip the checking and typing part by making it the default form and for normal receipts you can uncheck the box.

You can also go with method 1 and retitle the sales invoice.

what i mean in cash invoice is since u make an cash invoice GL be
Dr: cash
Cr: sales/ revenue
automatically the sys when u make cash invoice create a receipt .
but i prefer the first option.

A receipt would do exactly that, you just have to either select a revenue account in the lines or select an item. The only remaining difference is the title that says “Receipt” and hence :point_down:

you are right … but if u run a sales report it will not appear as sales transaction.

I do not understand the problem raised here. When you create a sales invoice no payment is received in cash or bank accounts. Assuming that you have set up customers and at least one cash account because you want to record cash receipts rather than bank receipts against a sales invoice then you:

  1. Issue the sales invoice
  2. Create a new payment to the Cash account for this invoice (view sales invoice → click on New Receipt)
  3. You can then check the reports as needed.

The “problem” is that you can

Use a Sales Invoice and a Receipt to record cash sales (two transactions) and be able to get a standard report on sales by customer

Use a Receipt only (one transaction) but then no standard report available for Sales by Customer

There is no way to enter one transaction and get a report of Sales by Customer

The one time cash customers referred to here are they anonymous, if so why would a sales report be useful? In such case it is better to use the receipt only option and in receipts tab search cash receipts on a created generic “Cash Sales Customer”. You copy the result to clipboard and put in a spreadsheet.

I believe the developer mentioned something somewhere about including sales recorded with receipts to sales by customer report. That was the reason why he included customer in the lines.

I can’t seem to find the post though.

It is in this idea: Including all related transaction in Customer/Supplier Statements.

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