Less: Receipt - not wanting to show on Invoice


I would like to send out an origanal older invoice to a customer again.

But because payments for other invoices for that customer have been made, I get the line “Less: Receipt — XX-XX-XXXX” on the invoice. I do not want to show that on the invoice.

Is there an easy way to show an invoice again without this information?

  1. Create a PDF or use a Print to PDF capability of your operating system. Then use a PDF editor to obscure the mini-statement with a blank rectangle.

  2. Write a custom theme to leave those lines out of the totals section.

But honestly, why does it matter? Do you believe your customer does not know they paid?

I think this should be an option on invoice to either show mini-statement for invoice itself, for the entire customer account or no mini-statement at all.



OK yes, because this is leading to a lot of confusion with customers and not needed discussions and explanations. It’s also legally required to be able to show the original invoice.

Each time manually obscuring invoices with a PDF editor, is not really a reason to use a highly advanced bookkeeping system like Manager.

It would be highly appreciated if something can be developed in the standard program showing the original invoice, without mini statement


It’s recommended to search the guides and the forum before starting a new topic because nearly everything is 1) explained in the guides, 2) already present on the forum. In this case searching the forum would have resulted in, e.g., this topic.

Yes I did look at this, but the solution mentioned is not one that is simply implemented. I tried the things mentioned here, but could not get it working. I do have to say I am not a code wizzard or so…

Well, it’s clearly explained in the other topic so asking the exact same question again in this new topic won’t result in a different answer. Normally @Tut would have told you to continue in the other topic and closed this one.