Request Invoice and payment only

I am a server edition manager user and I have updated the latest version 18.11.28, when I make cash transactions directly with the customer, I have to work twice to make an invoice and input receipt or payment.

Is it possible in the next version to make a cash transaction, so only input 1 invoice will automatically show receipt or payment proof? without inputting it again at receipt & payment

Thank you for your attention and acceptance of this proposal

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You don’t need any change. Read the Guide about making cash sales.

I mean when a cash transaction without a purchase / sales invoice, then the transaction is not listed on the supplier / customer list.

are there other alternatives?

when there is a transaction, we only need to input once on the sales / purchase invoice and be given the option whether the transaction is cash or not, if it chooses cash it will automatically come out proof of cash receipt / expenditure.

Conversely, if at that option, we choose not cash, then only the sales / purchase invoice will be issued as it is now.

Thank you for the response given, I am very happy if anyone responds.


The possibility of linking cash sales to a customer has been discussed many times - it might even be in the ideas category

then how do we accommodate it?

Right now you cannot. If you want to track sales by customer, you must issue sales invoices.