Invoice is GST exclusive not

I have 1 client who wants this put at the top of the invoice . I tried putting it in custom title but it did not look very good
any ideas how else I can do it

Given the fact that Manager currently is undergoing lots of changes regarding themes see

I would advise to hold off on any effort using custom themes in this case to put custom text where you want it. It is indeed frustrating that we are now in kind of limboland, the old features allowed us to customize themes and it has not yet been replaced to satisfy such customization needs except for a footer that also seems to come to serve as header and what else creating more confusion about what consists what.

Hi wasn’t really thinking of a custom theme as I am keen to get away from those .if I could run my custom theme and the footers at same time I would . I thought someone in their wisdom knows the language in the custom heading box I could put to make the above look better or even if you can use HTML . Was a bit scared to ask because someone could say this is not a programming site

All fields should accept HTML.

Yes Tut I got it was just about to post and you did
so I put

Invoice is GST exclusive
and it turned out like this which is ok ![image|249x96](upload://xcU3smZdzkSvirRe9s43IonLLzn.png)

This is better
GST exclusive