Inbuilt Theme for Indian GST invoice

Lobos is there any chance for designing inbuilt theme for Indian GST invoice format. i mean basic theme like we have here in manager.

Please search the forum, this subject has been under discussion for months and solutions have already been published by various Indian users.

@himayun19, please don’t duplicate questions when you already know the answer. You have been part of other discussions on this topic. Read the Guide about implementing the new Indian GST scheme.

I know that I was also a part. But theme will be always an issue. I huge part of india is using his software. For indian GST system u have to do something about themes. Custom theme is not good at all. We need a basic inbuild theme. And solution was temporary we need a permanent solution

there is no need to have a custom theme for Indian GST.
Custom themes are only for presentation. You can use the plain default theme itself.

Plain default theme doesn’t show tax invoice and shipped to. i love this software very much please check and do something.

Tax invoice can be implemented when the tax codes are inbuilt in Manager. I am sure @lubos will solve that soon.

Shipped To can be implemented as a custom field. It is not mentioned in any rules where the Shipped To box should appear in an invoice.

thanks Sharpdrivetek u really understand what i mean.

See this Guide on how to change just the title:

what @himayun19 needs is the invoice title to change automatically as Tax Invoice. I believe this is possible only when the default hard-coded taxes in Manager is used.

Correct me if i am wrong.

what about Shipped To box

You are correct. And because the new scheme includes so many different tax rates, it is possible not all are included as in-built tax codes yet. Especially when there are multiple components, a custom code needs to be created as explained in the Guide.

Read the answers you get before responding with a question you have already asked.

Moreover, that guide you provided has a small consequence.

In the guide it is explained how to change the title from Invoice to Tax Invoice.
But the problem is if you blindly follow the guide without a few more required coding, wherever the word Invoice appears it will be replaced as Tax Invoice. For example, Purchase Invoice will change to Purchase Tax Invoice.

Yes, and a warning about that is explicitly included in the Guide. There are, of course, other ways to code this, but this one was posted as a guide because it is the simplest to use for those who are not experienced coders.

Yes i checked again now. Had read the guide long back so i guess i forgot about the warning at the end.

as per my knowledge… If the customer have same address as its company address then no need to display shipped to separately
Is the sipping address is different then the billing address then also we need to display the shipping address.

add if you need all invoice with shipped to printed, then you can make custom field, so it will display in each invoice.

As per rule…

And it is not necessary to display the Heading “Tax Invoice” or “Retail Invoice”…
There are no problem if it has Heading “INVOICE"
and for purchase invoice… no problem if it has just"purchase Invoice” as a heading. “Purchase Tax invoice” as a heading is not necessary.

  1. The Invoice: which has Two Business Identification number… like both supplier and customer have GST No. printed in the INVOICE… then it will automatically Consider as a … “TAX INVOICE
  2. The Invoice which has only the Supplier GST No. Displayed: then it will consider as a “Retail Invoice

Do not need Particular Heading… Just “Invoice” is very-much OK… No problem in this as per rule.

And if you need “TAX invoice” OR “Retail Invoice” Heading as necessary for printing the Sales Invoice… then you can make a two different custom theme, For print the invoice, as per your required heading.