Custom note field in tax invoice

can any help why this yellow marked portion is on the top now.
before it was a note at the bottom of the invoice.

Because you are using a custom theme and that’s where the code puts it. When you use custom themes, you are responsible for their results. This is not a coding forum, so if you do not have the skills personally to resolve your custom theme issues, hire a local programmer or use a built-in theme.

sorry Tut this happens today only when I just try to change the text only, this theme was shared in forums long back when indian GST was Introduced, I only try to change the text contents today.

please is there any way I can get this part back to bottom of the invoice

I have no idea. As I said, custom themes are your own responsibility. As you can imagine, the developer cannot be responsible for code users write. This forum is for questions about accounting functions and built-in capabilities of the program.

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ok I can understand custom theme is one that I have to do myself only. which I am not able to do. I am trying to use the inbuilt plain theme. need to change the note message below for all new invoices, leaving old invoices issued as they are. how to change the Note text.

Note is a custom field. so you can edit the text every time you create the invoice.
if you want the text to show on every future invoice as default, then set it under Form Defaults.

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thanks issue resolved so nice of you