Invoice formatting

How can i change the default invoice theame “item” to Serial no column?. any ideas to write the code to change ?
or else hoow to write the code to add additional coloumn for “S.N” in column field

Please read this guide, where there is an example of what you are asking about

If you are a new user to Manager, the best advice I can give is that that you read the guides - or at least the guides under the heading First Steps before posing questions here.

Almost all of the questions you will pose, will be answered in the guides - I would say all and would have a very high chance of being correct, but./…

i need the “serial no” column to add before description column. any options?

Have you read the guide, and tested the software?

Why does it matter that the serial number precedes the description?

This can be done by preparing a custom theme but that will invoilve quite a bit of programming knwledge and expertise ie it will come at a cost

Because my existing format foes like this. cant change




Unit Price


Total Price (AED)


Well, you could use a custom theme to do that, but it will be quite an effort

Unless you have inhouse IT experts, it will require outside programmers

I do not understand why you cannot change the format - your customers don’t care about the format as long as all the information they need is recorded.

Businesses changes their invoice format all the time.

@hansroshan, your post is not clear. Are you asking about adding serial numbers for individual items sold, such as the serial number of a computer? That is addressed in the Guide about line item custom fields @Joe91 already referred you to.

But if you are looking to add serial numbers to line items, just to number the lines on the invoice, that is addressed by another Guide:

thanks. this helps.
Also i need suggestions on below.
when i print the invoice the last line (i mean footer ) comes in centre of A4 size paper. is there any option to set footer as defualt to end of page.

No. You would need a custom theme to do that.

any suggestion to add lines in tables as this below

Again, a custom theme would be required.

The other way to get the custom fields towards the bottom of the invoice is to insert blank lines in the invoice (I have used this often for folding invoices/receipts to show both sender and recipient in plastic docket envelopes)

resulting in

I think Hansroshan was looking to have the outline around the bottom filled in, not necessarily have it pushed to the end of the page

yes i need to add boarder line to table end as below picture

That might look more finished, but it is hard to see any of your customers complaining about it, so I wouldn’t think it is worth worrying about or wasting time on implementing it with a custom theme