Can I change the serial no. position in invoice report


I’ve added new custom field as serial no. but its showing in bottom of the page how can I change the position to below item description?


You can’t create custom field as a column for line items.

What are you selling? Are you using inventory module?


yes i am selling computer items so i need to add serial numbers on invoice report …


I dont think that is possible, custom feilds showing on the final report is one of the features i am dying to see. For instance I send Bills to Donors on behalf of a friend using manager, I need to let the invoice show ‘Service Order Number’, a custom feild we created but it never shows on the invoice itself :worried:


If you are selling inventory items, then set them up under Inventory items. Selling them will show SKU on line item. For non-inventory items, you can use Sales Invoice Items under Settings tab.

No need for custom fields.