Please Add Serial Number before Code

like this

in this Way we can easily Count the number of items which we want sold or Quote

What you ask for would not be a serial number associated in any way with the transaction, but only a line item number on a form. There is no such variable in the database. If you want something like that, it could be programmed in Liquid in a custom theme, but procedures for doing that are beyond the scope of this forum.

Can you please guide how I can make the serial number of each lines with program please guide coding

Search the forum. Someone recently posted code.

please guide where is post

Item serial number

See here.

I also want same… Serial number column

Admin please help

Please Advise
Add the serial Number Column like this

Did you read the link provided above “Add Column in Sales/invoice”

If that is your solution, then you (or Liquid programmer) needs to edit the theme code.
Manager developer doesn’t do User customisation.