What's after internal PDF generator

Continuing the discussion from Manager software:

True. That’s definitely achievable using themes.

However – imho, since the internal PDF has been dropped, maybe it’s about time to introduce change the default Plain theme to something that plays nicely with the browser print function, like:

  1. Fixed header without the tables
  2. Fixed footers
  3. Page counters (there’s no support for that at the moment)

Also – if this isn’t stretching it too far, maybe we can now:

  1. Have other references displayed as links, ie: Recipients and Other document references (Orders, Receipts, Quotes, etc.

This way we can click on a receipt that shows in the totals of an invoice and it just takes us there without having to carefully highlight the text, copy, open a new browser tab, go to the related manager tab, search for the copied value and then click view. That’s 5 saved clicks.

I say this because since the internal PDF is dropped, this means that CSS themes are in business now which in turn means that we can have two styles: one for display and another for printing. And since we’re already there, why not make the best of it?

Of course, this new theme would break things for those who still rely on the internal PDF generator, so maybe a copy of the old theme should be kept for compatibility purposes … or maybe not? :roll_eyes:

What do other users think?

I strongly support keeping the one button click ability to email payslips and invoices without hosting a public exposed accounting system. If that is only possible by keeping the internal pdf generator then I strongly support keeping then internal pdf generator.


It is not dropped but has become a legacy feature because it is no longer actively supported but can be used by those that have no had problems using it. I like the PDF function as it send PDF attachments to customers and suppliers using the in-build email feature of Manager. The portal is a no go for reasons discussed before and alerted to by @Patch . As long as there is no alternative to the PDF generator that allows for this Manager email functionality with PDF attachment to work it should remain.

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Sure, all of your inputs are good claims and the PDF generator is here to stay for a while until the email and security issues are sorted out. Personally I have no preference either way.

But what about improving the themes to better support the browser print function? What do you guys think of that?