Invoice display error when pdf emailed

We are having a random error occur when emaling pdf invoices. We can’t figure out what is causing it. Most of the time the invoices go out fine and look just the way they are supposed to look. Every now and then one of them will have all the info at the top skewed over to the left making it impossible to read the name of the customer etc.
Like this image I’ve uploaded. Any tips appreciated.


Is it always the same invoices? In other words, if you were to emailing this same invoice again, would it display the same problem?

It also looks like you have no customer selected. This can cause problems, because Manager suppresses empty fields. And the theme used to display the transaction depends on having information in place to know how to apportion space. Or maybe that’s another result of the problem.

Also, are your business details always the same? Or did you edit them for this invoice as compared to others that work? If so, you might have an invisible character that is forcing the program to allocate too much space to the right of the vertical scribe line.

Finally, when you referred to emailing a PDF, that could have meant a couple different things. How exactly did you obtain this image?

Hi Tut,
Thanks for the response. I’ll give you as much info as I can but the person who gets this error is the tradie who emails his clients. I don’t send invoices out myself although I do get a copy when he sends out. We are using the cloud version so two different laptops.
Yesterday he sent out a batch of 10 invoices and 4 looked like the sample I uploaded when they landed in my inbox. So the clients receive them looking this way as well. I’m not sure if the invoices are then resent in the same way but I’ll ask and get back to you. I don’t get a second copy so I’m guessing he may print hard copies and send them by post. I’ll check on that.
When I open the faulty invoices in manager the customers name is displayed properly so I guess that means he has selected the customer each time.
Business details are always the same.
He sends them out by clicking the email buttong at the top of a displayed invoice and a pdf attachment is what turns up in the sent email when the recipient gets it.
How I got the image to upload - I took a screen shot of an open email, cropped it and saved it as, I think, a png file. If not png it will be jpg.
Also I just tried clicking the pdf button instead of the email button on a faulty invoice, open in manager where it looks fine, and the pdf that was created and downloaded to my laptop displays as it should. So it looks like the error only occurs when the pdf is created using the email button at the top of the invoice.

Thank you,

All great information, @maryeodea. Your two different laptop comments is irrelevant. The PDFs are being generated by the cloud edition’s email process. So the only remaining questions are:

  1. Does it happen again if the same invoice is sent? Just ask the client to email you another copy. That way, it will go through all the same processes. Consistency of the problem, or lack thereof, will be useful in troubleshooting.

  2. It sounds like you have access to this business. If so, can you email one of the troublesome invoices to yourself? It may be helpful to know whether this problem only occurs for some bizarre reason from your client’s computer or happens from others.

Hi Tut,
I just emailed myself a copy of each of the four invoices which displayed with the fault yesterday. This time two of them display the error and two of them are fine.

Yesterday they went out with the customer’s email as the recipient. Today I changed that email address to my own in each case although I doubt that really makes a difference.

It’s quite random by the look of it.


I will invite @lubos into this discussion. Only he will be able to determine why cloud edition PDF generation for emails is inconsistent.

A new development. I decided to generate pdf’s by clicking the pdf button on all 4 of the error invoices from yesterday to see if they were all ok. When I tested that earlier I only did 1 and it was fine. I’ve now had one generate with the error from the pdf button. Just fyi.

This error is still occurring. It happens with 1 or 2 invoices most days.

I can reproduce this and it looks like some obscure bug in 3rd-party PDF library Manager is using.

I made some changes and I’m no longer able to reproduce this issue in the latest version (19.2.39)

Thanks heaps. Fingers crossed.