Invoice blank rows cant copy to delivery note

Our invoices are normally coming with 2 or 3 items, so i will give some extra blank rows to fill the invoice area in A4. But I can’t copy the same to delivery note.

Please find bellow the invoice and do. Please clear this issue.


Blank line items on sales invoices are not meant to be used for formatting purposes. As you see, that causes problems elsewhere. If you insist on a sales invoice of a certain length, you should build a custom view template, but that may be more work than you think it is worth.

That’s probably correct but I don’t have a problem if blank lines are used for formatting purposes.

For some reason I can’t see the second screenshot but I assume blank lines copy over to delivery note and they shouldn’t. Correct?

The “blank” lines show with empty descriptions, but all show a quantity of 1. I assume that is from the default quantity amount.

OK, I can see it now. Anyway, I fixed this in the latest version. Quantity of 1 won’t show if it wasn’t explicitly typed on delivery note.

Thanks lubos,