Adding extra lines to sales invoice

When I print a invoice with one or two items, I will add 20 blank lines to fill a A4 sheet. That is not working since last update. Now I want to add up to 50 lines to fill A4 page. why ?

Fixed in the latest version (16.5.48)

Same issue again in latest update (manager 16.11.27)

If you are saying it now takes more blank lines to fill the same space, that is because the standard front size had been made smaller. So the height of a line of text is less. Therefore, it takes more lines to fill a blank page.

That is not a bug. It is a design change. If you want identically sized forms no matter how many lines, you could do that with a custom theme.

I made some modification in the latest version (16.11.32) so empty table cells should assume full height even if empty. So check the latest version whether it fixes your issue.

Thanks Lubos

I need total 19 lines to fit my invoice page. Can you please show me how can i edit it.

I’m not a coder.

If you need 19 lines to fit your invoice page, then create 19 line items when editing/creating your invoice. Like before.