Inventory Quantity Report for specific brand/ Manufacturer only

How to create report of inventory quantity report of specific Brand/Manufacturer Only.

The easiest way is probably to include the brand name in the description or a custom field. Then search the Inventory Items tab for that name and export the result.

already has a custom field name " brand", but not able to generate report of quantity as per brand. I think there should be some options provided for generating reports of quantity movement using custom field constraints or normal filters. @Tut @lubos

All you need to do is export to a spreadsheet and add the SUM at the end of the column. Everyone wants some special report. The program has features that let you create yours. It is actually easier than creating a report.

it is not letting to do it brand wise. As custom field isnt showing there in the export data

plus it isnt any special report. suppose i have 1500 items in inventory and i categorized it with brand/manufacturer name. if i have to know the quantity then the present report will include all items which will be very tedious for many. even custom report will not help with quantity displaying.

As I already said, you can search before exporting. Your objection does not hold up. Understand, I am not talking about exporting a report, but the tab list.

yes. i m cicking on inventory items, then export it from there to excel sheet. but custom field "brand " not showing up there. the only possible solutions seems to have is include brand name in description or item name in all the 1500 items in my inventory.

Is your custom field showing as a column?

ok got ur point and solution. but still if custom field filter could be used as in other report creation in inventory quantity report then it will save time for many other users.

It can be already.

i tried but custom report doesnt create report of quantity in hand.

You have mentioned both quantity on hand and quantity movement. You can do movement with a custom report. But quantity on hand is a calculated number, not a stored variable. So for that, you will have to work from the Inventory Items tab.

yes true. a filter will do the report within inventory tab. that way it will other users to know quantity in hand as per manufacturer/ brand wise.