Inventory quantity totals


I want to find out the total number of inventory items I have on hand right now,
is there a report I can make to get these numbers.
Also, quantity on hand by supplier or custom fields as well.


Export the listing of the Inventory Items tab.

Quantities by supplier are not possible. Manager makes no distinction among inventory items by their source. If it is considered to be an inventory item, it is considered to be like all others under the same code/name.

What do you mean by quantity by custom field?


Okay, I exported it into Excel and did a Sum.

What do you mean by quantity by custom field?

I run a bookstore for second hand and new books, so I have a custom field to see what condition a book is in. I wanted to find the total number of used books in my inventory.
But the export to excel did it.

Isn’t it possible to add totals to the line at the end of inventory? where total cost shows?


That’s an idea. It only makes sense for the quantity columns, but it could provide useful information after searching on various things, especially if custom fields are shown as columns. I have moved this topic to the Ideas category.


yea just for the quantity columns, thanks! :slight_smile:


Why these reports are needed at all?

Under Inventory Items tab you can get list of all inventory items by their location.

If you need to see how many (or which items) are at customer or supplier site, this information is under Customers or Suppliers tab.

You can export those tables to spreadsheet and print that if desirable.


Because there is a spot already to generate the number.
There is the total cost being calculated. You would just have to use the other spots, for the qty on hand etc… I feel like it would be useful for small businesses. And you are not using any additional space, so nothing is lost.


Yeah, the only issue is that different inventory items could have variety of units of measurements.

It’s just not useful to show total 16 for 5 kg of sugar and 11 liters of milk. I’m not saying totals are bad idea but Manager needs to take that into an account so the figures are always meaningful. If they are not meaningful, they are just unnecessary clutter which I’m trying to avoid.


aaah, yes. I didn’t think of that! :slight_smile: