Need Specific Inventory Product Report

I need a specific brand product report which helps me to send my distributor company. Is there any way to view a specific product report or categorize by brand so i can see how much inventory I have for a specific brand. Need help

Try this

Alternatively use custom field in inventory tab to show specific user-defined keyword as column then use search engine to filter. Then, select,copy and paste the filtered list into excel or spreadsheet.

Drilling down on quantity on hand or quantity owned for a specific item in the Inventory Items tab and exporting the result might also give you what you want. See

Inventory items can be purchased from more than one supplier. There is no specific field for Brand. What inventory items do you actually want this report to contain. Examples include

  1. Inventory items a specific supplier has supplied in the past

  2. Inventory items made by a specific manufacturer (Brand).

If you want option 2, you will need to:

  • Label inventory items consistently with “Brand” designation. This can be done in the item name, item description or a custom field for the inventory item.

  • You could then use the search capability in the inventory items tab to list all such item, export to a spread sheet to format as desired then print. A custom report could be configured to produce a similar report.

“Brand” custom field creation

“Brand” display enabling search, sort and export