Inventory Production and Expiry Date

Hi, is there any way to add production and expiry date to our inventory since we are continuous paying from the same suppliers same items but with different production and expiry dates.

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You could use custom fields.

kindly can you show me how

It’s all explained in the guide about custom fields.

really i trayed without success

Show what you’ve tried and explain why it didn’t work for you.

when i use the custom field i write the expiry date of the product, we have old stock and we receive new stock here i don’t know what to do i should add another custom field in the inventory again or what.

Manager considers all inventory items to be interchangeable - so lots are not supported

If you want to use expiry dates, then you will have to create a new inventory item for each production run

Or use a different software package that does manage inventory lots

Dear Joe, in my life working time many and many software’s i work with all of them when we receive new goods and inter it in the system there will be a place to inter the new date.

sales reports will be generated many times during the month so if same item but with many inventory with many expiry dates will be not possible.

Manager is not a suitable system to manage inventory with expiry dates

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I request gently who have connections with the developers for this software to do it since 80% percent of world wide products have production and expire date and the main rules in all the company’s creating a new inventory code or description for the same product is not accepted this will guide with many in the inventory and to track your daily or monthly sales will not be that easy.

Manager is an accounting package not a point of sales package. Its inventory indeed could be improved to include FIFO principles which would be helpful, but it is not required for basic accounting purposes while often useful, although I doubt 80% of worldwide products, take for example a bar of steel or gold, timber, plastics, etc. these are not perishable.

So as we do just use a POS system and load summaries into Manager and do whole business accounting with it to enable financial analysis and taxation.

Many thanks for your good helpful replays and hope than can add it because in the cloud edition many users in the same company can use it every one in his field like accounts, data inters for invoicing , stores department and logistics and many departments.
we will keep waiting for his upate.

I also doubt that 80% of products have a date of expiry

Adding lot control and management would be a big change to manager and I doubt that it will be added anytime some, but only lubos can say

@lubos Waiting for your pinion.