Batch no, manufacturing date and expiry date in purchase invioce


I am carrying a small business of pharmaceutical. in our sale and purchase invoices we need warranty for warranty it is compulsory for us to have we inter our purchase with batch no/lot no mfg date and exp date. I need to know either manager has such options in sale and purchase invoices?

And when we invoice an item it should invoice on expiry basis. it means item should be invoiced first whom expiry is short and purchase price and retail price should be taken from batch no as different batch no has different price.


Manager doesn’t support this. Unless of course you want to create new inventory item type for each batch.


Is there any plan to add this feature?


Well, there is a workaround. You can create each batch as new inventory item. In future, inventory will have categories which will allow you to group batches of the same product for easier reporting.


thanks for reply and waiting new feature