Expiration date of inventory items

is it available in this program to make a control of the expiration date of the inventory items.

for example
adding a column at the purchase invoice to record the expiration date of every item of the purchase invoice ?

thanks for help

You can add a column on a purchase invoice and enter this information. See the Guide: https://www.manager.io/guides/10411.

But Manager will not do anything with this information. Manager treats all units of an inventory item as being indistinguishable. It will not tell you that some of your inventory is reaching its expiration date.

Manager does not track inventory item batches or serial numbers. It assumes all inventory items are identical and interchangeable.

To track batches you could create a new inventory item for each batch.

An alternative is to

  • add a custom field to the inventory item
  • accurately enter exact batch number on each purchase and sales invoice
  • use a report transformation to display stock levels of each batch.