Inventory Item with Expiration Date

I need to monitor the expiration dates of certain items. How can I configure the Manager to effectively manage and handle these expiration dates, whether it’s through reports or any other location that can assist me?

There is no easy way to do this - all inventory items are considered to be identical
The simplest is to create a different item for each expiry date

If this is a really crucial bit of information, then Manager is not the best option for you - you need a system with inventory lot controls

Use Date custom fields for adquisition and expiry?

I attempted to create custom fields for tracking the expiry date of each item on the Purchase Invoice Line. However, I encountered an issue when trying to generate a report for these custom fields from the Purchase Invoice Line. Unfortunately, I was unable to locate any report specifically designed for the Purchase Invoice Line, including the Custom Report feature.

If Manager allow to generate Custom Report from Invoice Row, We can add custom field to each Purchase Invoice Line of each Item then create report for the Custom Fields,

but as I know Manager Report can work only with Custom Fields on the Top Page (Invoice) not from Row (Lines)

How does putting an Expiry Date on the purchase invoice line help to identify the expiry dates for an inventory items?

If you purchase the same item on two different dates with different expiry dates, the total inventory but there is no way to know which inventory items have which date

For example
Purchase invoice 01/05/2023 100 items Exp date 31/12/2023
Purchase invoice 01/06/2023 150 items Exp Date 30/06/2024

Your inventory will show 250 items
If you sell 50 on 15/06/2023, the inventory will now show 200 - but you have no idea of the which ones you sold

It seems the new custom fields are still not available in custom reports. I guess @lubos is working on it?

You’re correct,

I am hopeful that @lubos will offer a solution regarding the Expiration Topic. I have been waiting for this feature since 2019.