[16.5.61] Inventory items can be selected under "Items" column

In the latest version, when you are buying or selling inventory items, you don’t have to select an account Inventory on hand or Inventory - sales anymore.

All inventory items are now available under Items column.

When inventory item is selected, account name will be filled-in automatically based on the context.

  • If you are selling inventory item, the account name will say Inventory - sales.
  • If you are purchasing inventory item, the account name will say Inventory on hand.

How does this affect invoice items?

Sales invoice items & Purchase invoice items have been merged and renamed to Non-inventory items as items are now used across the whole program and no longer limited to only invoices. So the previous terminology was no longer applicable.

Also, to keep behavior under Items column consistent. If you select an item (inventory item or non-inventory item), you won’t be able to select an account. The item itself will determine into which account the transaction should be posted to.

For example, if you setup non-inventory item called Delivery fees, do not leave Account field empty.

If you do, on your invoice or receipt to customer where you charge them delivery fees, the amount will be posted to Suspense account.

The quick solution is to simply set the account on your non-inventory item. This will automatically update all transactions where item was used in so the transaction won’t longer be posted to Suspense.

How does this affect delivery notes?

Delivery notes never had Account column so it wasn’t possible to select inventory item. This usually wasn’t a problem as delivery notes have been usually created out of quotes or invoices. However if you tried to create delivery notes from scratch, it wasn’t that easy. By making it possible to select inventory item from Items column, you can now create delivery notes from scratch quite easily.

How does this affect quotes & orders?

Quotes & orders don’t have any impact on general ledger. However in order to allow selecting inventory items on these documents, account column was present in previous versions.

Since inventory items are now available under Items column, there is no need to have Account column on non-accounting documents such as quotes & orders. So this column has been removed on quotes & orders. This should make data-entry more straightforward and less confusing.


Something is wrong with the latest release (Manager 16.5.61).
Under Inventory Items tab now I have zero Qty on Hand and thousands (!!!) under Back Order column.

OK, there was an issue with upgrading. Could you try the latest version (16.5.64)?

@lubos I haven’t downloaded the latest version yet, am on bed. :grin: but just wanted to know if Items are showing under Receive and Spend Money

Yes, they are.

Awesome, this is a massive leap forward.

Version 16.5.64. Some of Inventory Items fixed but most of them still showing Back order qty.

Good Update, I was waiting for this update.

Many thanks.

This has created a bit of a problem for me.
I buy and sell Inventory items which is not a problem, but I do buy some chemicals which are used when I do a service job such as pest control, and because of small quantities and many variations my accountant suggested that when entering my purchase order items, I allocate those inventory items I buy and sell to inventory on hand, but those chemicals which I use for a service, to simply put those in as Business Consumable - Chemicals.

With your new system it does not allow me to do that. I must allocate to an inventory item,

My old purchase items that I had allocated to Business Consumable - Chemicals now show as an ###

Can you please help.

You can still use non-inventory items like before.

And if you don’t select any item, you can just select general ledger account.

I agree with @norfolkislandam

@norfolkislandam, the latest version (16.5.69) should fix the issue.

Thank you for that, but unfortunately while it has removed the ###, it will not allow me to enter the item purchased and assign it to business consumable, it says because it is an inventory item it must go to inventory on hand.
The problem is that some of my inventory items are also used for my general work where I do not want to show as an inventory sale.

For example I buy and sell buckets of rodent bait in 8kg pails. Not a problem. I purchase 8 of those pails, and assign 6 to inventory on hand, but assign 2 to Business Consumable - Chemicals because I also break those pails open for when I go around and replenish bait stations as part of my pest control service.
I might only use 4or5 out of a pail of 250, so instead of making each blox an inventory item, I simply assign the whole bucket to my expense account as mentioned

You need to allocate all items to inventory then create an inventory write off to expense those items to the appropriate expense account.

Well, that’s one way but you don’t have to select an item at all. If you don’t select an item, you can select account name.

So if you purchase 8kg of product and you need to split it between Inventory on hand and Business consumables, you will have two line items. In the first one, you select an inventory item so it gets posted to Inventory on hand. On second line item, you don’t select any item which means you will be able to select an expense account such as Business consumables.

I simply have 2 purchase items for the one item I assign one to inventory on hand and one to Businesss consumables

Yeah, that’s also an option. But as you can see, this change is not taking anything away from you while solving a lot of various issues for others.

Can you please expand that. Will that be suitable way to do it for my accountant. Just not quite sure what you meant by “But as you can see, this change is not taking anything away from you while solving a lot of various issues for others”

The only change for you is that when you select non-inventory item, you can’t select an account. So how do you select an account?

  • Select non-inventory item, which is linked to the desired account (you can create such an item upfront)
  • Leave the item field empty so you can select any account you like.

I think we are going in circles. It would be more helpful if you post screenshot of what you really struggle with. I don’t see any issue.