Inventory Price List filtering not showing in Windows version

I do not find any new item in “customize” to enable the price list.

How do this please. I reinstalled 17.7.13. ( I hope this is all 3 versions, so Im trying in desktop version).

Please do not divert topics with unrelated questions. I have moved your price list question to a new one.

The Inventory Price List is available under Reports tab.

@Tut, i replied lubos notification mail and it got added to the wrong topic, i wondered how to delete or split this. Thanks you split it.
This is a new report lubos added in this 17.7.13 version right? i expect @lubos will add a search field to filter by a prefix in the item_code to bring only the desired items in the price list. otherwise it brings down the complete inventory. is a beautiful feature that will replace line by line selection of items in sales offer.

yeah the filter field is here i see, but not enerable

No, it was added some time back. I don’t know exactly which version. What was added recently is the ability to filter the report.

I think auto-correct got the best of you. What did you mean by “enerable?”

Whatever you meant, I don’t see what you see. When I check the filter box, I see fields for method (custom field) and then the specific custom field:

Are you sure you are using version 17.7.13?

I am on version 17.7.13, Windows (I know you are on Mac). When I go to Reports / Inventory Price List / New Report, I get the same as @ismail. The filter fields are missing.

I will elevate to Bugs status.

I don’t believe this is a bug. Custom fields on inventory price list form will only show if you have any custom fields set under inventory items.

Yes, you’re right. I should have realized this. I was misled by @ismail’s statement that “the filter field is there”, even though the screen shot didn’t show one.

I will make Filter column hidden if not applicable.

The filtering option already is hidden if you don’t have any custom fields. I’ve verified that the checkbox disappears when custom fields for inventory items are deleted.

A more important issue, though, might be that filtering according to other parameters is desirable, such as a text string in the Description or Item name.

Sorry @Tut, i did not knew either how it worked, i saw a label and that was not enter-able field :neutral_face:

i checked creating a custom field and now it works.:relieved: :+1: . i think a release note should be added and explain how to make use of it. Thanks a lot @Lubos.

It’s on purpose. A lot more reporting capabilities will be supported via custom fields and I want to encourage use of custom fields and discourage people from entering category names as part of their item name or description. That’s what custom fields are for.