Inventory on Hand and Purchase invoice items

After updating today to the new version, when I tried to use the “Purchase invoice items” form the option “inventory on hand” from the dropdown dissapeared. Also it is now cleared from my previous entries as well. I was using the last version in 2015 before the update.

Can you show screenshot what you mean?

I hope that helps.
I changed the language in english, and still “Inventory on hand” is not there.
Created a new company, and still not there. (assets category doesn’t show up at all, when in that form).

Irrelevant Suggestion: "Also now that I think of it, you should add a “developer mode " or “bug report mode” where even if the user uses another language, there will be little numbers or marks or something everywhere, if wanted by a click, so you have a good reference when you get foreign language screenshots or something.”

Should be fixed in the latest version (14.1.42)

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I am purchasing goods and selling them for purchase and sales invoice every time before a single entry I have to select inventory on hand can I mad it default.

In near future, inventory items will be available to select in Items column so it won’t be necessary to select account first.