Inventory report request

Could I please request a report that would show and print all inventory items above “0” quantity or is there already a way to do this?

Also, when importing inventory would it be possible for the system to warn me if there are any items already in the system with the same “name” / part number.

On the inventory screen, could it be possible to have the ability to ‘hide’ the cost price?

I think the closest report right now to this would be Inventory Quantity Movement report. Perhaps I should add another report “as at” to show number of items in stock and sale price?

I guess the system could outright ignore items with duplicate names. I’ll look into it.

Not yet but in future, it will be possible to customize visibility of columns.

Thanks for your reply Lubos.
I am just keen to have a printout showing items actually in stock.
Like the ‘Inventory Item’ view and with the same fields.
If I could search that view to only see items above ‘0’ quantity then be able to print it, that would be perfect.

While thinking about it, it may also be usefull to show items with a minus quantity?

Fantastic and fantastic to the other two points !

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Really look forward to this reporting feature for quick view or printout of stock on hand only (Greater than zero). Would need to filter on the new warehouse locations too.