Negative Inventory not shown

I do not see the inventory going negative , when higher quantity is invoiced, either it has to pop up a message or prevent invoicing or show the negative on the inventory record, so that it can be taken care off…

This was available in earlier version, current versions have this issue ( there was indication of negative inventory earlier)

This is correct. The way how negative inventory is handled was improved to handle remaining bugs that have been discovered. As a side-effect, inventory items tab doesn’t show negative inventory quantity anymore.

I could add extra column to indicate there are transactions in the “queue” to consume inventory once available on hand. I think this would be even better than showing negative quantity. Do you think so?

This is a good idea, but, would also like to know how many are in the “queue” so I know how many extra items I need to order to have an inventory above 0 Qty.

Certainly , that would be helpful, but the showing the quantity that is negative would be very helpful in my ordering process.

I’d like at least a popup that I am trying to sell something that is not actually in stock… Of will this be taken care of in the warehousing module?


In addition to the backorder colum (which makes sense) would it also be possible to group inventory items based on their stock? e.g. show the ones with no current stock at the bottom (but still ordered by date) and the ones with current stock at the top (but still ordered on date?)

Simply ordering the table by Qty in stock does only partially do this trick, it does not order on date (or itemno etc. etc.) making it difficult to find items when having large amounts of items.

I don’t understand how would you sort inventory items by date. Inventory items don’t have any date attribute.

Sorry, date is indeed not the right attribute to sort. Reference code (which is in my case more or less equal to the date added) is the right attribute to sort to.

I think this use case will be best handled by custom reports where you will be able to view list of inventory items and sort them any way you like.