Inadequacy Inventory Item Report

I am using the manager for my drug store. I have over 1500 items in my inventory. I sell and buy every day. A lot of times an item in my inventory runs out but I don’t know that. If there was an option when registering an inventory item that would show it in a report called Sort Item if that item went below 10 or 20, I would be greatly benefited. Love the manager

Please search the ideas category before posting new ones. This is already on the list: Inventory zero warning.

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While a report would be best, as a workaround at the end of each day, in the Inventory Tab, click on the “Qty on hand” column heading and it will sort into qty order, click again to reverse sort order:

Inventory tab before sort

Inventory tab after sort

Then you can “export” to create a report, or for windows, right click and select print.