Inventory item dont show discount

Hi dear,i create an inventory item and when creating that item,there was no Discount option. then i make purchase invoice of that inventory item and make a sales invoice.but auto discount does not fill.when i create a Sales invoice item,it shows auto discount in Sales invoice.
So what is the solution of my problem? I want auto discount in Inventory items and want to keep track of my purchase/sale quantity of my inventory items.

Default discount can be set only when creating Sales invoice items under Settings tab. It cannot be set on inventory items.

Will this feature be available in future @lubos

No because it only adds more clutter to inventory item form. Why don’t you create sales invoice item with pre-defined price, discount and inventory item?

How do you create a Sales Invoice Item with pre defined price, discount and inventory item. I went into settings and I couldn’t find Sales Invoice Item as an option.

create the inventory item first. read this guide Create and manage inventory items | Manager

set the sale price to be automatically applied when selecting the inventory item in a sales invoice.

discount cannot be automatically applied.

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