Auto percentage

Hi to everyone.i am a medicine wholeseller.Manager is working for me good but i need an option that when i create invoce then i put discount %age there any way that first i put Trade price and Discount %age and next time when i put item,the Trade price and %age discount automatically come in Invoice.

You can put a discount on item line.
For account customers, you can go into Settings > Invoice Items > and then create or select items and do a discount I think…
I don’t think you can set discounts based on the customer automatically, it’s more of a manual thing.

I don’t want to set auto discount percentage for customers.actually i want to set auto discount percentage ITEMS WISE.
One time i set a discount percentage for a specific item then next every time whenever i put this item in invoice to any customer,the Discount percentage automatically includes respect to that item.

You can do that in the latest version. Go to Settings, then Sales Invoice Items and set default discount on items where applicable.

When you select one of those items on invoice, discount will be automatically filled in.