Using Inventory Items

I have added some inventory items. But when I create an invoice there is no way to select an inventory item. Could anybody advise. Many thanks.

Sorry being stupid already asked this question and got an answer. Its my age.

You need to select from the account box “sales of inventory items” then it will open up an inventory item box in which you can then select your inventory items.

The item box on the left is Separate from inventory and they are for items that you have added into “sales invoice items”.

This can be found in settings, click customise then tick Sales Invoice Items box you will then be able to add items.

This acts as a shortcut as it auto completes information so you don’t have to select the account and sales of inventory items.
I use this for things that I sell that may not have a cost price for e.g. services as there is only a unit price not cost price on the fields when you add an item.


Thank you.