Discount on sales invoice

hello team
is there any possible way to add discount in customer entry form

so whenever i start making a sales invoice i dont need to enter discount particularly for every item
i also want a discount on total amount if the above solution is impossible we can make it work like this

Pricelist are still not a feature of manager. But you can get away with some tricks if you are willing to compromise on certain things. For now you can either:

  • Create single item kits to reflect various levels of discount and use those instead of the items when you do sales.
  • Include the discount rate in either the name or address of customer and have clerks copy those manually.
  • Just clone previous customer invoices with discount and redo the lines.

That’s all I can think of.

Go to Settings > Form Defaults > edit Sales Invoice > select a customer and tick the discount tickbox and select either Percentage or Exact amount, and enter the discount value in the line above.

The disadvantage is that you can only use these form defaults for 1 specific customer or for all sales invoices. Maybe @lubos could make it possible to use more than only 1 form default?

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