Unable to find Sales Invoice Item in Settings

Not sure how to add New Sales Invoice Item. I require to prepopulate the discount for each sales invoice item. But not able to find the same in Settings.

I don’t think it is possible to set a default discount.

Look for the ‘Customize’ link below Settings in order to enable the Sales Invoice tab if you do not have it displaying already.

Some useful guides for you to read:

Create sales invoices | Manager (enabling & creating sales invoices)
Apply a discount to a line item | Manager (adding discount to sales invoice)

Is it in Non-inventory Items?

if you are asking how to create items which you can sell through a sales invoice, then you should enable the Inventory Items tab from the Customize option.

read this guide Create and manage inventory items | Manager

@cmalai, you are referring to a feature that was changed long, long ago. Sales invoice items could only be used on sales invoices. The program has been improved by combining sales invoice items with purchase invoice items under Non-Inventory Items. See this Guide: Create non-inventory items | Manager.

When this change occurred, any existing sales invoice items were automatically converted to non-inventory items. Thus, they remained available for use and the change may not have been noticed.

While purchase and sales prices can be set for non-inventory items, discounts cannot. That would make no sense, because the discount would then apply every time the item was used, and it wouldn’t be a discount, it would just make for a different price.