Introduce Sales Order Serial Number field along with LPO Number field


Can we have an additional field for LPO number in Sales Order like below snapshot?

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it is simple.
1.go to the settings - custom fields, custom field in sales Order new custom field
4. name it as what you want "LPO#"
thats is you have it.

you have to try positioning the field where you may want to it display.

Hi @ismail,

Thanks for your suggestion.

I have already tried it out using Custom Fields but the field positioning is the issue where it displays at the bottom.

Any idea how can i position the field as marked in the above snap shot?


can somebody help in here how to find the desired position co-ordinates in the layout to fix the custom field and label


Kindly help!

I am sending you a direct message, i will share with you through email a template that sends custom feilds above the items table, it maybe of help to you.

Study it and use the knowledge

Search the forum as solutions have been provided before and read the Guides.

Hi Sarika,

Did you find a way to fix the custom field, if so share it please.


Not Yet :frowning:

Hi Abeiku

Could you also email me that template that places the custom fields at the top, i’d be most grateful.

I can, inbox me your email. Warning, it doesn’t put it at the top among the serial number, date etc, it put it above the items table like in the picture below

I copied it from someone who shared it here and modified it for a client.

As you can see, the custom field is not appearing below the items table which many users wish for

I am sure if you really know HTML you may be able to put fields just by the Reference number, date etc.

I got the template from here

You may contact the guy who provided the original template, maybe he can help.
@Sarika @DaFresh

@Sarika I have done it.

Using custom field

I will email this edited template to you. But it all depends on how you will be able to understand and use it for yourself

Good, :clap: you could achieve it, please share it how you did it. i need to do it too.

Create a custom field with label “LPO” (set it to show on printed documents) and then place the following code just above </td> of “field in fields”.

{% if title == 'Sales Order' %}
{% for field in custom_fields %}
{% if field.label == "LPO" %}
<div style="font-weight: bold">{{ field.label }}</div>
<div style="margin-bottom: 10px">{{ field.text }}</div>
{% endif %}{% endfor %}{% endif %}

Then scroll down to find and just after {% for field in custom_fields %} insert the following code.

{% if title == 'Sales Order' %}
{% if (field.label == "LPO") %}{% continue %}{% endif %}
{% endif %}

thanks, but where do you put this peace of coding, i dont see any edit option or template.

you need to have a template first. you maybe using the default. try any template you like from here

Then you can edit it.

no, dint work.
i opened the link choosed the first template,
i copied the template coding under markup.
pasted it to word doc and edited it as you said,
then opend the template under Manager setting - template and paste it and updated. thatsall
tried created a sales order, no change, still the new field comes on the bottom only. Please say where i went wrong.\

send me your template as a personal message.

thanks for reply, i was off 2 days. just tried again. it works. :thumbsup:. the custom field now appears in the search area of sales order, get printed in sales order on top at desired position. But in the data entry level, the new field appears as last cloumn at bottom. Is that so by default? or can we change that position too?