Introduce Sales Order Serial Number field along with LPO Number field


so at any time, the system will have only one editable template in settings, and which ever tab we need, have to edit this template and fix coding similar to what we did now.? or should we write and add 2nd template at the end of the existing template?


All custom fields will appear only at the bottom during data entry. The position of the custom fields themselves can be rearranged as per user needs. This can be done by entering the desired number in ‘position’ field when creating a custom field (1 for first position, 2 for second position and so on).

you can have any number of templates saved under settings. But you have to customize each one of them if required. Else the default positions will be displayed.


I’ve put the code in the template and it did put the custom field at the top with the date etc.

Is there anyway to place the custom field directly above the main item/account table and running horizontally rather than in the section above and added vertically. I have 5 custom fields and adding them vertically will make the finished template veerrrrry long.


field1text field2text field3text field4text field5text

Code | Description | Qty | Unit Price | Amount |

If it’s possible i’d really be grateful to find out how.



This forum is not meant to provide basic education on coding techniques. If you do not have the skills to modify templates personally, you should be able to find a local person to help you with the code.

The bigger question, though, is why you are including the information listed in custom fields. These are the basic building blocks of a line item for any transaction form in Manager. Placing this essential information in custom fields causes it to be ignored by the program.