Internal Error in Expense Claims


When I click Expense Claims, I got this message:

Does this happen when you first click on the Expense Claims tab? Or at some other point in the process?

Try updating your software. I cannot reproduce this problem with version 18.7.87.

sometimes this knd of errors arise. restart ur computer can also solve ur issues. else update the software.

It happened some other point in the process.

I’ve restarted the computer and updated the software to 18.7.89. Still the same thing happens.
I’ve made a few steps slightly different from the previous was:

  1. I did not make any additional groups in my balance sheet chart of account which I did with the previous.
  2. Key in a temporary expense claims first before I go through with the rest of my other data.

It seems to be working so far, however, the root cause has not been identify because I can’t make any changes to my balance sheets chart of accounts which is very frustrating.

@Kris, if you still get this error, could you send your backup file of business to my email ? I will try to reproduce the issue.

Will do. Thanks