Unable to import backup

I’m running Mananger Desktop on a Macbook Pro, I downloaded 18.9.91 and now get an “internal error” message. I’d appreciate assistance in resolving the issue.

Can you restart the program (or better your whole computer to make sure the program is started again) and post the first error you get? I suspect the first error will say something else.

I re-started the computer, opened Manager and got the same error message.
I re-started the computer again, loaded the last backup as a new business and got the same error message.

Was the error message letter-for-letter the same? If you cannot guarantee that, follow the instructions again and post the actual message.

The /start?FileID line differs, here’s the error message:

Any chance you could send me the backup file to lubos@manager.io ? This way I can reproduce locally.

The latest version (18.10.0) is fixing this issue.

Thank you for solving the error so promptly - much appreciated.

Even after downloading the very latest update 18.10.3 I still get the Internal error message.
Why has this problem started after the bank and cash accounts have been integrated?

@GHS_Manager what sort of error do you get? I’m pretty sure it’s something else than what @kevdup was experiencing.

It is an error message when trying to import bank statement.
See my communication with Tut under heading “Error message with Bank Statement Import”