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Hi All,
Was wondering if you can help. I have added expense claims, but if I run the expense claims report, it shows nothing.
Before you give me a link to the “how-to”, I already read through it and I did what it says.
Perhaps someone can point out where my entries is wrong. I have attached some screen shots of the screens.


this looks like a bug. maybe @lubos can have a look and fix this.
i have checked and looks like the Expense Claims Summary report do not calculate for any period. all balances are zero.
i am on 19.6.76 Windows 10 x64

@Epic_Doors what version are you on?

Could this be because he/she operating an a cash basis?

I am on the 19.6.77, Windows7.

I work with a cash account and bank account.

If you are doing your accounting on a cash rather than an accrual basis, the expense claims may not appear until you actually make a payment to the expense claim payer

For information on Cash or Accrual accounting see this guide Choose between accrual or cash basis accounting

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That was a good hypothesis, but is not how things work. Whether claims will show on the Expense Claims Summary does not depend on accounting method.

@Epic_Doors, I suspect you have not defined the expense claims payer(s) involved in these claims under Settings. I suspect the payer was probably yourself, and that you have a capital account. In that case, your name will appear in the dropdown menu of the Payer field. But the claim is posted directly to your capital accounts.

See the section in the Guide on expense claims reporting. And notice the very last paragraph of the Guide.

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Hi @Tut, thank you for the reply and sorry for the delay with my reply.
In fact I do have the claim payers loaded in the settings part. Please see attachments. 1st attachment is from the settings menu and the 2nd attachment is where the person who the expense is being paid to (they originally paid for the product/fuel/ect and are now claiming it from the company)Expense5

There is a problem in that the Expense Claim payers have persons named “Tommie Roos” and “Arina Agenbacht” but you have entered a claim with the name of “WT Roos” which appears incorrect

There are 3 categories of people with expense claims
Expense claim payers

The Expense Claim Summary only shows the claims associated with the last set ie Expense Claim Payers

See here Use expense claims

@Joe91 has said it all, @Epic_Doors. You should not be able to select WT Roos unless they are an employee or capital account owner. And, in either case, their expense claims show up elsewhere besides the Expense Claims Summary.

You said in your initial post you had already ready the Guide. Perhaps you did not read all of it.

WT Roos is Tommie Roos and he is an employee. I am Arina Agenbacht and I am the Director. The naming convention in the Settings tab should not have an impact on the report.

Naming conventions do not matter. What does is the type of expense claim payer you choose. Even though Tommie and WT Roos may be the same person, only expense claims entered for Tommie will show up on the report, because Tommie is the only defined expense claim payer. WT can file expense claims, but they will be posted to the Employee clearing account.

For the third time, please read the entire Guide. All this is clearly explained and illustrated.