File Not open

I install the Manager software. but I could not open it to work. Please help me.

What are you trying to install it on?

Did you follow the instructions in the guides?

What exactly do you do?

What error messages did you get?

Just saying “I could not open it” is not enough information to help you

this is the an error

What do you get when you click on the More Details button

this is showing and nothing

I meant View problem details

How to solve this. i could not open it

What version of Windows are you using?
Did you download from the Download | Manager web page?

It could be a problem with the version of .Net installed on the PC - the forum has many topics on this. You might need to update the .Net version

window 7 i m using

Many users have reported problems because the .Net version in Windows 7 was not up to date.

You need to update the .net version

Google update .net windows 7 to see how to do this

Windows 7 is no longer supported by Microsoft - it would be in your interest to see if you can update to Windows 10

ok thank you

i will try it

This may help

And make sure you download Manager from

Install as described in this guide
Software Version: Install or update desktop edition on Windows