Installation Error - Could not open key HKLM

Receiving an error message on installation of version downloaded yesterday. This is on Windows 7 64-bit. Manager 15.1.33 currently installed and working.



Thats a windows problem not a Manger install issue. Try logging on with another account with admin rights and see if you still get that issue. If you do, you will need to get someone to have a look at your registry as there is some issue there. You won’t be able to install any software if you cannot access the registry in that location.

There’s only the one account I have and that is an Administrator account. Just in case. I’ve manually edited the registry key permissions to Full and it still fails.

This looks like an issue with Windows Installer. Have you tried to install Manager as administrator?

Can you try installing another program just to see if you have issues installing other programs as well or just manager. One trick I try to fix wierd problems like this is to do a windows update if you have not updated your computer for a while as this often fixes issues.

also try sfc /scannow in command prompt. This will fix issues with windows missing dll files etc.

You could also try regcleaner - use that as your test installer and then use that program to check out your registry.

You could also download malwarebytes to check your computer for malware however I don’t believe that this could be the cause as I have never seen malware do this.

Installed OneNote upgrade without issue.
All Windows Updates are installed.
Don’t .msi files always run as administrator - there’s no option to change their run privileges.

Have run registry cleaners from CCleaner and jv16 Powertools X. Still having the problem.

Is there an earlier version of Manager that I could try installing to see if it is a problem that has only recently been introduced?

@lubos can you supply him with an exe setup file to see if the problem is msi related. Most of the software that people download is exe format so its difficult to test whether the problem is msi related or an issue with manager. One safe msi to install is Flash player msi - just google flash player msi download and install the latest flash version.

@neale Msi files don’t necessarily default to running as administrator. You need to click shift and right click to get the run as administrator option. You should not need to do this if you are running with admin privileges but you could try and see if it makes any difference.

One thing that could be the problem is some software running on your computer that could be preventing the install. Do you have any software like Lavasoft Adware or Spybot S&D. Lavasoft seems to be the prime culprit in a lot of problems.

Try open run and type msconfig. Try selecting diagnostic startup and reboot and see if you can run the msi install. If this does not work, then select selective startup and tick load system services and untick the other two boxes. what this will do is allow you to see if some program like your anti virus, or Lavasoft could be interfering with the install.

Hope something here helps.

  • Tested msi files with the Calibre e-book management software.
  • Installed fine. Tried diagnostic (needs a subsequent manual start of Windows Installer Service) but got same error.
  • Disabled anti-virus software, but didn’t work.

A .exe version would be great if that could be made available.

Thanks for your continuing efforts to help me resolve this.

You may not be able to use diagnostic startup because this might disable the windows installer service, which is why I suggested try both diagnostic startup and then try selective startup and just tick load system services.

I think that @lubos will have to advise you further. Only other thing that I can think of is to try checking the event viewer logs to see if anything comes up there that would shed some light on the issue.

In the logs the likely error is:

Event 7006, Service Control Manager. The ScRegSetValueExW call failed for Start with the following error: Access is denied.

Makes no sense as I’m an administrator and have full access to that key in regedit.

I did a quick google search on that. It would appear that message is caused by anti virus, windows Defender, MSE (Microsoft Security Essentials).

one website that describes the problem and resolutions

This error message is nothing to do with Manager itself, its actually to do with windows. This may or or may not be causing the problems with Manager. My gut feeling is that the anti virus is interfering with Manager install and creating that error message on your computer. I have found sometimes that disabling the anti virus doesn’t really seem to disable it. In one case I had to uninstall the anti virus to get the computer working properly.

Do a system restore point, then completely remove the anti virus restart the computer and see if you still get the windows error message in event viewer (that message apparently comes up every time you boot the computer). If you don’t get the message in the error logs, then you could try and install manager again and I think it will work. If that is the case, then you need to look at your anti virus software.

My experience of computers is that a windows update or anti virus software or malware causes these problems. you have already scanned for malware, so we can rule that out. remove the anti virus and that should fix it because you can obviously install msi files from other software developers therefore I don’t think its a windows update, although I will not rule it out at this point.

Hooray, solved it. Although in an earlier step I had set both Administrators and Power Users to Full Control (the Windows defaults for the specific key) I added a new Full Control permission with my specific User Name and the install worked perfectly.

Thanks for your continuing support. Without your encouragement I would probably have given up and not bothered to continue worrying away at it. Cheer, – Neale

Glad that you managed to get Manager installed. However, when you have time I would recommend that you troubleshoot your computer as there clearly is a problem. I will put my money on the anti virus being the cause. I work in IT, so I have developed a good idea of what the causes are, although obviously its difficult to troubleshoot a computer over the Internet.

Anyway enjoy Manager!