Install on shared hosting server?

As very new user, looking for hosted accounting for my tiny home call center to invoice my customers and track may expenses and bills. Want also be able to get intelligent reports of my business.

Is that possible with Manager? Can I customize my invoices? Also, cloud seems very slow, isn’t it? I’m located in France.

You can’t install Manager on shared hosting, you will need at least VPS but they are basically as cheap as shared hosting anyway (from $5/mo).

Keep in mind, running Manager on your server requires some technical skills. The best option is to simply sign up for cloud edition.

Currently all cloud edition customers are hosted on servers in California, USA. By end of this year, we will introduce new locations you will be able to choose from:

  • London
  • Sydney
  • Singapore

As per feature set, you can invoice your customers, customize invoices, track expenses, bills and generate various reports.

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I imagine that the business is up and running by now!

It is 6 years since the question was asked :grin: