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How do I install the software to a hosting site?

You can not. The server edition needs to be installed on minimum a VPS, not a shared hosting account.

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Useful information
Any idea of the minimum RAM and Storage that may be required to host Manager

This question is a bit like how many pieces of pie do you want to eat as it all depends on your needs. However, you can safely run several small businesses on a VPS with Ubuntu Server 20.04TLS with the following minimum specifications:

PROCESSOR: 4 cores
SSD: 200 GB
BANDWIDTH: 200 Mbit/s

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This is good enough to decide on how and when I need to think about going for it

@AMM if you are not familiar with server management and so called hardening I would strongly advise the Cloud Edition. Search the forum where I explained that using your own server actually costs more in financial terms such as VPS fees, Manager Server license fee and annual Manager Server license renewals, offside storage server backups, than the Manager Cloud Edition.