Individual Employee Payroll Report

I need to supply a government authority with information on an individual employee’s weekly earnings, contributions, deductions etc on company letterhead. Do you know if there is a report in Manager that gives me this information already without having to manually export it from the payslips tab and extract the relevant employees data?

I have looked through the reports for payroll and they show all employees and a summary for the selected period.

Thanks for your help.

Not sure if you’re looking for payslip, is within employees tab,click the blue link amount and click view. you will get payslip and it’s information of that particular employee individual, however not exportable. but not summary that particular employees because its per transaction. Else, I don’t think we have that kind of report, especially with ‘letterhead’.

You say you want a report on wages, deductions, and contributions for an individual employee for a single week on “company letterhead.” Why does a copy of the payslip not meet this requirement? The payslip includes your company information and logo (if you use one). Surely the government is not defining the layout of your “letterhead,” are they.

If you really mean all employees, then you can furnish the separate earnings, deductions, and contributions summaries for the required period.

If your goal is to have everything in a single report, that is not available. And if it were, it would probably meet the preferences of only a single government or a single employer. The program is used all around the world by all sorts of businesses. It would be very hard to meet everyone’s preferences.

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What they want is a single report for a single employee which lists all their payslip details, so if the employee has worked 20 weeks, there would be a report with 20 payslip items showing earnings, deductions and contributions [plus totalling.

If you like an “Employee Payslip Statement”, which would detail the payslips issued for a specified period.
The current “Payslip Summary” report is only a summation of that exact same payslip statement data.

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If that is what @Smileykylie meant, I can understand the desire. That would also address repeated requests for year-to-date information and combinations of earnings, deduction, and contribution summaries into a single summary if things were designed accordingly. Possibly, the ability to define a period of time, then check which employees to include. The employee selection process might need individual, all, active, or those with transactions options.

Thanks for your replies. I apologise that my original question may not have been clear enough. Brucanna is correct in that I am chasing a payroll summary report for a single employee that lists all their payslip details for a specified period, not just a summary as it appears now with all employees. (I don’t really want to provide detail of other employees earning when giving this information out). At the moment the only way I can see to do this is to export the payslips tab. However this does every payslip in the program for all employees.

Any suggestions on reports that may already do this, or is this something that could be developed in the future?

Individual payslips have the required information, but it’s not convenient to send 52 payslips individually to someone at one time. A report would be perfect in this situation. Letterhead is not important as I can export/print to company letterhead for whoever is requiring the information.

Thanks for the help.

As already stated, there are no reports that do this. Several ideas for improvements in the payroll capabilities have been mentioned in the past, but no definite path has been promised.

That is what the Payslip Summary report provides now as a single summary…
The requests for year-to-date information on the payslips is a clearly separate matter.
The periods payslip would show current earning plus accumulated year-to-date earnings.

Wondering if this has been updated. I also need detailed reports for Centrelink (Govt) in Australia.
I have sat here for over an hour trying to get the info into a custom report but it is severely lacking in this most important part of reporting.

We need this reporting option for many different reasons, including EOYF and tax reporting. Not good at all.

Have you looked at:

  • the localisation for Australia “PAYG payment summary — individual non-business”
  • Employee summary