Report for individual deductions monthly (paying Super at end of month)

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A quick question. We have to pay all of our deductions (long service leave & superannuation) at the end of the month. Each payslip has deductions on them. Is there a way to get a report from the monthly payslips to show what is owed for the deductions?

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The answer depends on exactly what you mean by “We have to pay all of our deductions….” Within the program, nothing is owed until you create a payslip. The program includes no feature to tell you what those deductions should be. After you create payslips, amounts you owe to outside entities for the deductions you have kept back from employees’ pay are lodged in whichever accounts you designated when you set up the payslip deduction items. See Set up payslip items | Manager. These will be listed in the Payslip Deductions Summary under the Reports tab.

Hi there Tut,

Thanks for your reply. My problem is, if you view the contributions report it oy shows the contributions been paid for and credited out of the employee holding account. I want to view this report at the end of the month so I know how much to pay for various contributions (long service, superannuation etc.). These are all included in weekly payslips but paid only at the end of the month.

Does this make sense?

No. It does not make sense. You started out asking about deductions. Now you are asking about contributions. Those are different things. Read the Guides.

If you want a report before making payments, run it before you make them.

If you post each deduction/contribution to its own Balance Sheet account, then you can use the month end balance of that Balance Sheet account as the total owing.