PayG statement to submit to each employee at year end

I don’t find any report where we can generate PAYG report for each employee to give him at the end of financial year.
I’m based in Australia and as per ATO we need to submit this to each employee.
Under Reports we have 3 reports , but we can’t generate report for each employee.
We can generate a consolidated report for all employees.
Any suggestion please?

No such a report has been implemented yet. Yes, Manager gives you figures but not in the (country-specific) format you require for PAYG summary. So you need to download empty template from ATO and fill it up with figures manually.

A date ranged payslip which shows the amount for all payslip items for that employee per the specified date range would help right? e.g a date range of 1/1/16 - 31/12/16 will show annual basic salary, etc for the 2016 year.

Thanks alot Lubos. Hopefully,in future if you implement it , it will be great.