Reports from employee payslips

hello user,
The employer wants the following reports, but it was difficult for me track these reports through manager program. any one with knowledge may help me.

in the employee payslip there are deductions example PAYE, penssions, and others that are available by law. actually these are not employer expenses thats why are not available in P&L reports.
BUT the employer wants to know how much he have paid for PAYE for certain period, eg. for a month, four month or year.
These accounts are created in liability account and they are entered in employee payslip as deductions, and they can be seen in the summary tab below employee clearing account in liability. if I pay also the amount is deducted in liability account.
so i wanted to know how much I have paid for PAYE, PENSSIONS and others available in the deductions.

Where can i track these paid amounts since they are not in P&L reports.
I am using manager in windows desktop.

Try these reports:

@Hosea_Leonard @tony These reports would definitely do it. It should also appear on the P&L Report. Remember you should be able to select the dates you want or you can do it month by month.