Inventory not updating after purchases

I am new to Manager and have just entered all my business purchases made into purchase invoices, however my inventory list has only updated on a couple of the purchase invoices entered. The rest of my inventory is showing zero quantity, even though I have entered the items on the purchase invoice and marked them as paid.

Any help would be appreciated, thank you!

Can you show screenshot of single purchase invoice to see how it was entered? The only thing I can think of is that you have selected an account Inventory on hand on line item but didn’t select specific inventory item.

Here is a screen shot of part of one invoice, with the inventory clearly showing 0 on many of the items ordered and marked as paid for in the invoice (eg the Dye Chips)

Thank you :smile:

What date do you have set under Settings tab, then Start date ? If any?

I have it set to 1st October, 2014.

Aaahhh - and that has fixed all my problems!! Thank you very much :blush: