Delivery date on delivery note changed to 01-01-0001

Got a problem from this morning where the delivery date on a number of records have suddenly changed to 01-01-0001. These seem to have mainly affected the recent records although there are some random old ones that are affected too.

Checked the audit trail and nobody has played with it.

Can someone confirm if this is done sort of bug? Would be really disastrous if the dates cannot be recovered :unamused:

when asking for help on the forum, always provide the basic details like what version / edition / your OS / your browser details so that forum members can identify the issue.

Actually, I’m not sure if it is relevant and therefore did not mention it.

I accessed it from my chrome browser on my android phone, Windows 10 with chrome and Edge, my friend tried it on his iphone and win 7 with chrome, and edge all with the same result.

It is not about fresh data “being” entered … Data that has already been entered before has changed.

Still havent answered sharpdrivetek request for version, eyc

The time base was just changed from the server’s time to the local web browser time to avoid problems with premature date changes. See may somehow be related. @lubos will need to look into this.

OK. In that case, I guess I’m missing the point.
Are you asking the system details through which the entry was made? Or is it the system details of the place it is being viewed from?

The entry was made from different PCs … Win 7 & Win 10 64 bit. Browsers were chrome and edge 64 bit. Viewing were were from various sources and browsers as mentioned above.

One thing more I just noticed was:
on the Delivery notes tab, when I search for “01-01-0001”, I find 66 records.

I then click on Edit the first record and see that the date appears fine …

I go back and View the same record and see that the date is “01-01-001” …

I am moving this to the bugs category. Fortunately, it looks like the dates will be recoverable, as they are correct on the individual transaction forms.

@Paparazzi I believe these delivery notes you are showing never had Delivery date entered in the first place. In yesterday’s version I have changed that so all transactions must have a date (not just delivery notes but all transactions). This was to fix unrelated issue.

Manager didn’t lose any data. For transactions which didn’t have a date entered previously, the date is now set to 01/01/0001. When you edit the transaction with date 01/01/0001, Manager will auto-fill current date.

What I suggest, go through all delivery notes with date 01/01/0001 and change that to date it should have been in the first place.

I’ve noticed you have custom fields on delivery notes to capture various dates, perhaps these 66 delivery notes had Delivery Date emptied on purpose because you have Loading Date and you enter delivery date only when delivery is confirmed?

Manager has 3 versions: Cloud, Server and Desktop. When they are asking for those details, that is what they mean on top of operating system. I would have to assume you are using cloud version managed by the team at Manager, but you also could be using Server edition managed by you. Both are accessed via web browser.

Yes @lubos !
I just checked with the team that prepares the document and was told that they only fill the delivery date on completion of delivery. Thanks for letting me know.

The problem we however have now is that since there is a “lock date” in place, it is not possible for the concerned employee to edit the transaction and fill the date as and when the item is delivered.

Would there be a possible workaround or would I have to remove the lock date temporarily and ask them to update the dates with an imaginary future date from now on?

Thank you my friend. I now understand and … yes, we use the cloud version.

Two points, @Paparazzi:

  1. The Delivery date field is automatically populated with the current date when a delivery note is created. So if your team says they only fill that in upon completion of delivery, they would have to be actively deleting the default content of the field. If they just leave the default entry in place, you would avoid any problem like this in the future. If the actual delivery date turns out to be different, the delivery note can be edited later. Meanwhile, a date will be in place. And that date is used by Manager in many ways, so it is always better to have one.

  2. There is no alternative to removing the lock date to edit transactions dated before. But that can be a very short removal. In fact, the easiest way to fix this is with Batch Update, if you know the relevant delivery dates. If you don’t, you could compile a list first, then remove the lock date, perform the update, and reset the lock date.

I do not know your policy for setting lock dates or when you generate your delivery notes. However, delivery notes can be created from locked sales invoices using the Copy to button. So even if items are delivered long after a sales invoice is created and a lock date set, your team can still create delivery notes on the day of delivery.

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