Include account type column on all report exports

I really like the TSV Export, and I think a useful improvement would be to always add an Account Type (Asset/Expense/Liability/Equity/Income) column and possibly Account Code too. Maybe even Transaction ID (for the transaction level reports).

For instance:

  • On the P&L export, I have a year-to-year report and I’d like to chart it graphically. The export does not included the Account Type so in order for me to chart P&L over time in Numbers/Excel I would have to manually add in the Account Type Column every time I do an export.
  • On the General Ledger Transaction Report, when it is exported, we just have the transaction memo, credit, and debit. In order to do anything with this export we would need to have at a minimum the account type and account name. Also useful in this case would be a transaction id or something so that we could match up the credit/debit items from within the report.

I’ve briefly looked at a couple of the other exports, and it looks like they could all do with the addition of a column or two so that what is exported to TSV could be used to regenerate what is displayed in Manager. As it currently stands, there is loss of information during the export. For example, in the P&L export, there is no column showing Account Type so I don’t know which rows are income and which are expenses.

Thanks for a great product over all!


I fixed this issue in the latest version (15.4.46)

Thanks @lubos.