IDEAS - Chart of account suggestions

Hi @lubos,

  1. i think that it could be very useful to have an extra field (that should be exportable together with the “balance sheet” and the “income statement” report) in order to put some codes for an extra/different riclassification and for data analysis. It would be perfect if you can add the “Custom Field” option also on these voices.

  2. when I choose to “Show account codes” in the “balance sheet” and the “income statement” and press export it would be useful the accounts codes to be in a separate column instead in the same column of the description.

  3. relating to point 2 it would be useful that when I export “balance sheet” and the “income statement”, the possibility to active/deactivate the fact that the column with the account description comes with the extra spaces to show the level of the hierarchy and also the possibility to show (activate/deactivate) two extra columns that shows the level of the hierarchy and it the value is a sum, ie “group”/“total” or a value.


What do you want to achieve with this please

Lets says that i have three accounts i the balance sheet:


If I am able to put an extra column with codes i will have:

Account_1 A
Account_2 B
Account_3 A

I export it than i can do a different reclassification in excel with SUMIF by saying to search A or B

Account codes are meant to be linked with their account names for a reason. Making the codes stand alone in exports can bring about costly mistakes. If you intend to sort accounts by codes for further spreadsheet manipulations then structure your account numbering to have room for that.

Besides there are ways you can split cells in excel. I think you are asking for too much.

That’s just not true since the amounts are in a different column from account names and the mistakes exchanging the amounts would be even higher.

And highest if the cells are now 3, Code, name, amount. Amount are separate to allow for further calculations.

Why would anyone on earth want account code to be in different columns, to sum up the codes? it hard for me to think of anything in this world that would make anyone want that.

Well I won’t continue on this anymore, there are so many requests here, some useful for everyone, some useful for only the one.

My advice, use split cells in your spread sheet