Exporting Expense Claims to a .tsv file

In future updates, when exporting the expenses claims to a .TSV file, can you add an additional field showing under which account (electricity, meals, sundries, etc) each expense has been recorded?

furthermore the amounts shown in the exported files are not recognize as numbers by excel. If possible please fix also this issue.

Yes, I’m planning to add new column in a few days which will show under which account has been each expense claim allocated to. I’m done similar thing under Bank Accounts and Cash Accounts tabs already.

thanks Lubos.

Another issue on this topic: The amounts are seen in excel as text, and not as numbers.
In the next update, can you fix this too?


The conversion in Excel is trivial. Select the cells involved and format them as numbers. There are many paths in Excel for doing this, depending on your operating system and version.